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We are a young and vibrant boutique consulting firm, providing a range of consulting services to small and medium sized businesses. We are a constantly growing and evolving team of experts who will help you discover your firm’s true potential and spot new, previously unimaginable opportunities. We can be there with you at every step of the way of your organization’s journey, from its inception and early development – by helping you to implement your ideas and make them a reality; to the next stages of its lifecycle – by bringing newfound opportunities and assisting you in reinvigorating the enterprise. We thrive in providing unique solutions to our client that leads to achievement of what every growing business looks to achieve …. “Success”


Start My Business INR 12000 INR 12000 Private Limited Company PRIVATE LIMITED What does the word private limited signify? The words ‘private limited’ denotes a private company. The capital of the private company is divided into small units called as shares of the company. The word ‘limited’ shows that the liability of shareholders of the company is limited up to the extent of unpaid part of share capital. For instance if the face value of share is Rs. 10 and the shareholder has paid Rs.7 then his liability is limited only up to Rs. 3 per share and nothing more than that. The word ‘private’ means that this company cannot invite funds from the public. It arranges its capital through private sources such as friends, relatives and own savings. What are the stages in forming a private limited company? STAGE1: PROMOTION OF THE COMPANY In this stage promoters of the company carry out the feasibility study and market analysis to decide that into which line they want to start the business. Various factors such as existing competitors, funds available, technical, financial as well as economical analysis is carried out at this stage to decide the line of business. STAGE 2: INCORPORATION Incorporation is also called registration. Under this the legal documents are submitted with the Registrar of office to bring the company into existence. These documents include: Memorandum of association mentioning the details of capital of the company, liability clause, location and main as well as ancillary objects of the company Articles of Association which contains the rules and regulations also termed as internal charter of the company Written and acknowledged consent of directors certifying the purchase of qualification shares Proof of address of office sought to be registered Details of signatories of the company which include the professionals i.e., chartered accountants, company secretary, advocates etc. After submitting these documents to the registrar of office the company grants a certificate of incorporation which acts as a conclusive evidence of its existence. The private limited company can start its business after these two stages as it cannot raise capital from public. The date mentioned on this incorporation certificate deems to be the date on which the company got birth in the eyes of law. Can registration be carried out online? Yes, the above mentioned procedure was manual wherein the information is submitted to Registrar in hard copies. But technology has advanced the registration process. It can now be registered online at . All the details are filled duly in the form available at online portal and the copies of relevant documents are scanned and attached along with the digital signatures of signatories. What is the status of promoters in the company? Promoters share a fiduciary relation with the company. They are deemed to act bonafide on behalf of the company prior to its incorporation. All the agreements entered into by the promoters can be ratified later on if they are in interest of the company. If the contracts entered into by promoters are against the interest of the company then they are not accepted but to prevent the interest of third parties the law holds promoters personally liable for all such contracts. True 1451136510
Corporate Finance and Investment Solutions INR 0 INR 0 Our Corporate Finance practice has evolved over time to become one of our core competencies and primary areas of expertise. Through initiation and installation of various procedural and physical metrics we can consistently deliver long-term value to our clients and shape value-creating opportunities. Our corporate finance engagements span many different categories, including but not limited to some of the following:- Financial Planning Investor Relations and Support Valuations including Equity, Assets including stock and Company Valuation Mergers and Acquisitions including slump sale Short Term and Long Term Fund Raising and Listing solutions Debt and Equity Issues and Private Placement Risk Management and Negotiation support Corrective Action Plan for restructuring of loans True 1451136704
HR and Labour Law Compliances INR 0 INR 0 With a plethora of labour laws in place, compliance of same is a nightmarish experience for startups as well as big business houses. Having in place, right resources is also a area which gives immense pain to all the businesses alike. We take care of your these worries so that you can relax and have more time to focus on other areas of your business. We provide following services under HR and Labour law practice:- Payroll processing services Consultancy and Compliances under : Contract Labour Act Provident Fund and ESIC Act Factories and Industrial Disputes Act Professional Tax Migrant Labour Act True 1451136635
Audit Services INR 0 INR 0 We provide following services under our Audit practice:- Risk Based Internal Audit Concurrent Audit and Risk Reporting Information Systems Audit Cost and Management Audit VAT Audit under various State VAT laws Audit under Labour Laws Forensic Audit and risk scoring matrix Portfolio and Forex Audit Secretarial Audit u/s 204 of the Companies Act, 2013. Due Diligence Report as required by RBI from the borrowers. Reconciliation of Share Capital under Regulation 55 of Depositories Act Audit of Depositories and RTA under SEBI Regulations. True 1451136743
Governance and Risk Management INR 0 INR 0 Eugene with its expertise in global compliance and risk management practice provides small and medium enterprises with solutions to adapt to the changing world. Our Governance and Risk Management engagements span various categories, including but not limited to some of the following: Alliances and Joint Venture Management Corporate Governance under Listing Agreement Designing Organization Structure Conducting Board Meetings & General Meetings as per mandatory Secretarial Standards prescribed by Institute of Company Secretaries of India. Monitoring Business Practices & Ethics Disclosures under various regulations Policy Framing and transparency Risk & Performance Management including benchmarking Institutional Due-diligence True 1451136795
Accounting and Taxation INR 0 INR 0 Our Accounting and Taxation engagements span the categories, including but not limited to some of the following:- Full stack Accounting services using Tally and Quick Book. XBRL conversion of financials as per prescribed taxonomy. Consultancy and Compliances under : Indirect Taxes (Service Tax Act, Central Excise Act and Customs Act) State VAT Act Income Tax Act including DTAA Tax Planning and e-filing solutions for taxes True 1451136596
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